Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Li Hua

10-29 Li Hua
More comfort food today, although of an entirely different variety. With a bowl of rice each, we shared Li Hua's kimchi jigae (kimchi and tofu stew) and seafood pajeon (Korean pancake). I don't know if it's an Asian upbringing or not but almost any kind of dish eaten with hot white rice is instantly comforting. And in this case, rice is a perfect foil for piping hot kimchi jigae - full of bits of pork, fresh tofu, a couple of rice cakes and the crown jewel, lots of kimchi.
Li Hua, 171 Grand Street at Baxter


Anonymous said...

I think that includes anywhere that people grow up eating a lot of rice. (There's a sign in a locals' restaurant in New Orleans that says "Eat Rice or Leave.")

My Cajun grandmother makes rice for every meal, (in a ricecooker, just like my Japanese aunt does.)

Front Studio said...

Haha, what a great sign! Maybe I should have one in my kitchen.