Friday, October 31, 2008

Red Egg, with Iridesco

10-31 Red Egg(2)10-31 Red Egg
After reading Kathy's post describing what dim sum in Hawaii is like, there is no way anything in NYC could compare. But still, Red Egg just down the street, does manage to alleviate our cravings for shrimp dumplings and rice crepe rolls. The atmosphere is odd, both the overly modern lounge/bar design combined with a not-at-all hipster crowd makes lunches a bit surreal. The food, however, remains consistently good and fairly light, at least in comparison to the other Chinatown dim sum houses. Red Egg is not quite as cheap as the others but then again it's still Chinatown so it'll never break the bank.
Red Egg, 202 Centre Street above Hester

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