Thursday, November 13, 2008


11-12 Bún
Chilly rain is the one thing that completely takes away any motivation to venture far from the office for lunch. Cold damp feet yuck. Reducing our walking radius to 1.75 blocks we end up at Bún. The decor has gotten a little cheesier with an additional layer of Chinatown influenced decorative elements, while concurrently the proportions of the bún shrimp dish have become a little more traditional. Personally I find it nice - the pickled carrots, rice noodles with slices of cucumbers and a light sprinkling of mint and basil are now better balanced with the more refined grilled shrimp and berkshire pork topping. And what a funny coincidence as we walked out, we ran into our neighbor who originally suggested Bún to us in the first place!
Bún, 143 Grand Street btwn Lafayette and Crosby

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Anonymous said...

We had lunch there earlier this week and were rather surprised by the latest iteration in their interior design. It seems to change every few months!