Thursday, November 20, 2008


11-20 Calexico
As the young people say these days, whoot! whoot! Just this week the 2008 Vendy Award winner, Calexico has thoughtfully opened up a Broome and Broadway location. Which, in our generation's word, is just awesome. Because that means with less than 5 minutes of walking we have instant access to a divine rendition of the carne asada (roasted beef) burrito wrapped in a heated tortilla shell. Next time I think we'll stick to sharing one burrito garnished with some sides instead of ordering two separate burritos and falling into a food coma afterward.
Calexico, Broome Street near Broadway, north-east corner

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Anonymous said...

*wipes spittle from mouth* Yummm...defintely looks like coma material.

BTW, come here often, first time commenting. Your site has been my "New Eatery" guide for the last two months. Keep up the good work. Your pics are lovely as well. I've gained five pounds following the desserts alone. ;0)