Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Motorino Pizza, with Dennis

11-11 Motorino Pizza
When SE:NY recently combined the word awesome with "top 3 NYC pizza" in a recent review of the new East Williamsburg pizzeria, Motorino Pizza, we immediately put it on the list of places to try. And then when we realized a favorite client of ours lives around the corner, it seemed even more imperative to go. Boy was that the right call, not only did we greatly amuse ourselves over stories of teenage antics, but we did so over some of the most delicious pizza either of us have had in quite some time. Slice delves much more deeply into why you must go, but must go you ought.
Motorino Pizza, 319 Graham Avenue at Devoe


Jessica C. said...

This is making my mouth water!

Looks sooo yummy!

Unknown said...

lunch was fun, girls. can i have $50? dk

Anonymous said...

Very over-rated. The dough is like a pita bread. My jaw hurt from chewing it so long. The sauce was bitter... I was not pleased. I am surprised, everyone rants about it but it does not stack up at all to good pizza. Two visits and I will not go for a third.