Thursday, December 11, 2008

4:00pm mini donut

12-11 mini donut
I don't know why this is called a "mini" donut because it's huge but we're not complaining! And get this, it only costs 80¢! I know, we're on a cheap dessert run through Chinatown lately. This one from Hon Cafe was yummy. More like a chewy and dense fried bread rolled in granulated sugar than an actual donut, makes for a perfect afternoon snack.
Hon Cafe, 70 Mott Street below Canal


Anonymous said...

Those remind me of the fried donuts we used to get in school when the Home Ec class got to the donut chapter in the book. They were SO good!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys been to Taipan Bakery on Canal? They have a $1 red bean bun and $1 green tea custard cakes which are INCREDIBLE.

FN said...

Man, those look great. I had the exact same thing for my afternoon treat yesterday!! Dunked em in cafe au lait. My colleagues looked at me waiting for me to offer them one, but I only had three... Know what I mean?

Front Studio said...

C: Have you ever tried frying balls of Pillsbury biscuit dough and then dipping in sugar? SO yummy.

M: Thank you for the tip! Always on the look out for good bakery deals

FN: Oooh dunked in cafe au lait sounds tasty!