Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eastern Noodles

12-10 Eastern Noodles
We took a walk out of the country today to a place where English is not often spoken and even more seldom written. It's fortunate we come across this review in the Times awhile back instructing us to order "beef with noodles" because there are no concessions to the English speaker in this little hole-in-the-wall hand-pulled noodle spot. The first bite into made-to-order noodles is pretty heavenly, made even tastier by the presence of one stuffed fish ball (see that white blob in the upper right hand corner?) The beef was not to our taste, too chewy and hard to eat so I guess we'll have to learn how to order "extra fish balls" in Chinese.
Eastern Noodles, 27 Eldridge Street below Canal

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FN said...

I ate at a place today where they don't speak English either. I'll say no more - take a peek.