Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh

12-01 Primanti Brothers
One more off-schedule post before we return to the usual. We really wanted to try the burgers at Tessaro's, especially after the place made to Hamburger America but very sadly we couldn't make time this trip. We did, however, manage to chow down a quick dinner at the other classic Pittsburgh eatery, Primanti Brothers, before flying home. The whole concept of the sandwich is a mile high pile of meat filling (in this case, cheese steak), tomatos, cole slaw and french fries. The contrast of textures and tastes - vingeary cole slaw, dense potato french fries and salty meats, makes for a memorable, if not extremely messy, meal.
Primanti Brothers, 46 18th Street btwn Smallman and Penn, Pittsburgh, PA

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