Friday, December 19, 2008

Zaitzeff, with Maggie

Despite the weather, a burger was in order this snowy December Friday. Maggie and I decided to give Zaitzeff a go, having been curious since reading a raving review a while back. While disappointed we were not, it was nothing to write home about either. The grilled onions and portuguese muffin added a nice twist, and the meat was juicy, but somehow overall bordering on boring. Perhaps we were too distracted feeling bad for all the people falling on the sidewalk.
Zaitzeff, 72 Nassau Street at John


Anonymous said...

Of the two burger choices: Sirloin or Kobe, the sirloin stood out as the tastier and juicier choice. The Kobe is what I ordered and I think it tasted to healthy, or as we joked, it was way too fit and lean a cow to be eating.
I do plan to go back despite the fact that I still smell like the place. I loved the Portuguese muffin and the crooked tooth stern proprietor.

Front Studio said...

You missed the cookie! I'm not looking forward to putting on my grease scented scarf!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you guys on Zaitzeff. I'm not crazy about the portuguese muffin. It's a bit too sweet and chewy for my tastes. Also, I find I have to salt the burger itself, which feels criminal for some reason.

Anonymous said...

ok, i am officially hungry. yum.