Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 1 - Wonderful
Visit #: 1
In Brief: If you can afford to, you need to try this place at least once. Exquisite, and in one of the prettiest and grandest spaces in the city. The rolls were memorable.
01-22 Eleven Madison Park01-22 Eleven Madison Park
01-22 Eleven Madison Park01-22 Eleven Madison Park
01-22 Eleven Madison Park01-22 Eleven Madison Park
It's Restaurant Week so we bring you a two part meal in three acts from Eleven Madison Park. The strength of Danny Meyer's restaurant empire lies in his ability to provide a thoroughly consistent experience and quality of food, no matter the setting. There is no wild invention or crazy originality at Eleven Madison but everything we had was perfectly delicious. We licked up every morsel of the octopus fennel and frisee salad, and thoroughly enjoyed the fried sweetbreads in a parsnip soup. Even the grapefruit sorbet was particularly adorable. But the pleasure in eating at Eleven Madison lies in more than just the food, it's the attention to every aspect of the dining experience. For instance we could have finished the entire serving of butter with endless helpings of the sublime crusty French baguette rolls. Or lounged in the lofty dining room over the excellent coffee. Or stayed all afternoon reminiscing about the lovely meal we just had.


Lunsj Dagenson said...

Great pictures and review! Seems like you guys have great taste, both regarding food - and other lunchblogs :-)

Added you to my favourites!

Anonymous said...

I think the soup was parsnip, not turnip.

Front Studio said...

Anon: You're right of course, I don't know why I kept wanting to write turnip.