Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grand Central Market

01-28 Grand Central Market
The Grand Central Market in no way compares to the Reading Terminal Market but for $10.92 we made ourselves two reasonably decent sandwiches:
$3.12 - 1/4 lb roasted pork loin from Murray's Real Salami
$3.00 - 2 sandwich baguettes from Corrado Bread & Pastry
$4.80 - 1 pint size container of marinated artichoke hearts from Ceriello Fine Foods
The sandwiches were missing something - roasted pork loin really needs some sort of mayonnaise or aioli accompaniment, but still not too bad of a lunch for $5.46 a person.
Grand Central Market, 87 East 42nd Street at Grand Central Station
P.S. Damnit. I really have to read more Midtown Lunch suggestions before I ever think to buy anything lunch related in midtown.

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