Tuesday, January 27, 2009

La Nueva Conquista

01-27 La Nueva Conquista
It's going to be a week of cheaper lunches since we've been a little indulgent the past several days... but fortunately for us no taste is lost in cheapness. And who needs to sacrifice taste when you have value priced options like La Nueva Conquista around the corner? We share an enormous platter of roast pork, plantains and slightly pickled raw onions over a massive quantity of white rice and black beans. And we're stuffed.
La Nueva Conquista, 236 Lafayette Street above Spring


Lunsj Dagenson said...

Looks like a great "budget" lunch. You should really post the cost of the lunch as well, interesting to compare what you get for your buck in different countries!

As ususal a tasteful picture. Not as mine... ;)

Mo Diva said...

I love Roast Pork! You should try Arroz Moro (aka dirty rice). Good find!

C├ęsar said...

aren't those black beans the best EVER!?
Can't get enough of that place