Monday, February 16, 2009

Adrienne's Pizza Bar

02-16 Adrienne's Pizza Bar
How fortuitous that the 2-year anniversary of LUNCH falls more or less on President's Day! Because even though we're working today, the quietness of the day is extremely conducive to a long lunch in unfamiliar territory. Thinking ahead to dessert and trying to satisfy a pizza craving, we head downtown to Adrienne's Pizza Bar. The old-fashioned rectangular pizza happily satiates our craving, largely due to the slightly burnt crust and crisp thin-cut pepperoni edges. Adrienne's may not be the best pizza in town but it sure makes for a fine celebratory lunch.
Adrienne's Pizza Bar, 54 Stone Street near Hanover Square


Dream Girl said...

Happy anniversary!

FN said...

Ditto - Happy Anniversary. I enjoy reading your blog.

Cali said...

Well, happy blogiversary to The Lovely Ladies Who Lunch! said...

Great post, great photos, great pizza. I think Adrienne's is one of the best pizzas in this city, where else can you get anything as uniquely delicious? Keep up the good work.