Monday, February 9, 2009

Central Buffet

02-09 Chinese Buffet
Several months ago the local chinese buffet place shuttered up, much to our dismay. So happy grins when we discovered that it had re-opened! But happy turned quickly to meh as it becomes apparent the selection is not as diverse as before nor as tasty. Everything was rather bland, as if they had forgotten to even add salt. It's still a reasonable lunch option, for $4.50 you can't really go too wrong, but it's just not as great nor as exciting as before. Ah well, change comes everywhere these days.
Central Buffet, 195 Centre Street at Howard


Anonymous said...

The food looks the same. The place was always kinda just meh for me. It served as a fast food spot for me in Chinatown.

Thanks for reminding me that it opened up again. I'll try to check it out this week.

Cali said...

Wow, you know times are hard when a new restaurant can't afford cooks with enough experience to taste what they are serving... or salt.