Friday, February 13, 2009

Fanelli's Cafe, with Ray

02-13 Fanelli's Cafe
Well I guess fish and chips is not the way to go at everyone's favorite local bar, Fanelli's Cafe. It was kind of bland and uninspiring. Rather we should go back to 218 instead. Strange, never thought we would say that - perennially empty, no name 218 Restaurant over time tested Fanelli's? But well when the food is good, it's good and we're all over that.
Fanelli's Cafe, 94 Prince Street at Mercer

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FN said...

Extend lunch to 3 hrs, get on the 4 train to the BK, go to Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave.

Their fish n chips or chicken n chips will take a year off your life and you'll thank em for it.