Thursday, February 5, 2009

La Esquina Cafe, with Hawkins

02-05 La Esquina Cafe02-05 La Esquina Cafe
The last time I saw Hawkins he blithely informed me he had just bought a ticket to Vietnam and didn't know when he was coming back. Which just sounded like a fabulous undertaking. Today we met him for lunch at one of our favored meeting friends spots, La Esquina Cafe, where Hawkins confirms yes it was and remains fabulous. Over the tried and true pollo rostizado and a de le casa salad with chicken, he regaled with tales of living in Vietnam. Our dreams tonight will be filled with romantic visions of expatriot living to be sure.
Cafe de La Esquina, 106 Kenmare Street at Cleveland Place

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Anonymous said...

Woot for dining with Hawkings! That boy gets around ;-)