Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4:00pm fruit tart

03-11 Petrossian box
03-11 Petrossian
Don't you love it when an out-of-neighborhood meeting "forces" you to drop into a dreamt
about destination? Ever since we had the strawberry tart from Petrossian last summer, we periodically become possessed by the memory of its deliciousness. Our memory didn't fail us. What is amazing is that along with everything else, each piece of fruit is delicious as if it's in season. The tart got tipped in transit and thus the fruit composition is not as pretty as before. In all seriousness, this is probably the city's best fruit tart (and the best box!). Don't look at the price tag, just eat it.
Petrossian, 911 Seventh Avenue btwn 57th and 58th

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Mo Diva said...

thats a gorgeous presentation!

(OMG the word verification was a dirty word! LOL)