Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheese and Pickle Toastie

03-02 Cheese and pickle toastie
Cheese and pickle toasties are something I fell in love with while residing in Glasgow way back when. Being in NYC, they are easy to recreate as the key ingredient, Branston Pickle, is not too hard to find. They were all out of the small chunks kind, which is suited for making sandwiches, but can't be complaining. The sliced bread from Fay Da is guaranteed to yield excellent results. Chinatown sliced bread is more similar to the British kind, and Fay Da's is the best around (and it starts to mold after a few days, that's a good sign!). It's possible that it's an aquired taste, but I also love Marmite, so this post is probably not a good gauge as to whether you too want to run home and make it yourself.

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