Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Chao Chow

03-04 NewChaoChow
There was determination to make it to New Chao Chow today, as that was the intercepted plan from yesterday. Didn't want to have the exact same thing, though tempted to compare the two, so opted for the fish cake noodle soup with rice stick rather than the egg noodles. Everyone around me seemed to be getting their noodle soups with the fish cakes too. They were indeed nice, and so was the light broth and the not too mushy rice sticks. I would order it again, but already have my eyes set on something else for next time.
New Chao Chow, 111 Mott Street btwn Hester and Canal

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Anonymous said...

Next time try the beef stew with wide (hall) noodles.