Monday, March 16, 2009


03-16 Teresa's
Having had to work through the weekend, Monday needed to start off with a lunch adventure. Today's project takes me to Brooklyn Heights. Scoping out for options on the information super highway, settled on Teresa's, a block down from the meeting. Isn't there or wasn't there a Teresa's in the east village as well? The font looks remarkably similar. This Polish diner, though nothing too special, does the standards well. Monday's soup was Ukrainian borscht, and it was lovely. They already had the sour cream stirred in and hence the Pepto-Bismol color. Also ordered a sampling of their pierogi. The sauerkraut and mushroom one was tangy, salty and delicious. Don Henley playing in the background, and gray haired locals - sweet.
Teresa'S, 80 Montague St btwn Pierrepont and Hicks


kathryn said...

There was a related Teresa's in the East Village. It closed and is now the home of Solex.

And yes, those pierogi are great.

FN said...

You should try the apple fritters there, they are slamming! You get a whole plate full!

The breakfast of fried egg and kielbasa on an english muffin is great too.

Love that place!