Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roast Chicken Sandwich

04-29 Roast Chicken Sandwich
Realized after the fact that I was totally channeling the Pollo Rostizado Torta from La Esquina. Had some left over roast chicken and arugula, so bought a baguette on my way into work. The not so secret condiment is the chili con queso dip, which really made it taste similar to the abovementioned. And the real secret ingredient is good butter. They don't really use much butter on sandwiches in the States, but it really adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' depth. Oh and don't skimp on the skin!


Andrew in Alabama said...

Two things we need more of on sandwiches here in the US:

1. Butter

2. Cucumbers.

Not necessarily at the same time.

Front Studio said...


baophac said...

Do you butter your Oreos ?
No really a good butter on a bad cookie make the cookie better.

Front Studio said...

Hmm, interesting! Definitely into trying it - though not sure if we exactly consider Oreos a "bad" cookie. A smidgen of butter instead of the "stuff" sounds delicious. But in all truthfulness, good butter = happiness.