Wednesday, May 27, 2009


05-27 Dogmatic
People! Stop eating crap salads and eat yummy sausages! Chop't next door had a line out the door while this place had ample seating - figures. Dogmatic - a "gourmet sausage system" inserts your choice of handcrafted sausage and sauce into a warm crispy baguette. I haven't had one of these since Chamonix in the 9o's, apres-ski style. The food, the vibe and decor is just teeming with fun-ness! On my way back from a pre-lunch meeting, and on her way to a post-lunch meeting; Union Square was the perfect junction spot today. And what a fun lunch it was.
Dogmatic, 26 East 17th btwn Broadway and Fifth Ave


deborah said...

mmmm sausage! their website is super fun too!

Maggie said...

Oh man
that looks incredible. I passed dogmatic before Yoga one day and it was out of the question pre yoga, i am so hungry now and all i have is a salad