Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baluchi's takeout w/ Amy

06-02 Baluchis
We love surprise guests! Got a text message from Amy this morning saying she was working a block away from us for the day. Sweet! We got her to join our attempt of having a quick-ish lunch ordering in from Baluchi's. Two lunch specials split between the three of us was more than enough, and before we knew it, more time than anticipated had passed, and I found myself scrambling to get to my next task.
Baluchi's, 193 Spring Street near Sullivan


Andrew in Alabama said...

Trying to figure out what is in this picture. Without knowing anything about the restaurant, it looks like a big samosa, some chickpea or pasta condiment, and an arepa, with some tzatziki in the back.

Front Studio said...

Yes - samosa on top right, a spiced/stewed chickpea thing on the right, a potato cake thing on the left and 'raita', a yogurt condiment much like tzatziki, in back left.