Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cafe Zaiya

06-18 Cafe Zaiya
I wish I could get more creative when I have my meetings up near Grand Central. The problem is, I tend to be in a hurry, and my mind focused on things that don't necessarily have to do with what I want to eat. So, it's really quite a blessing that Cafe Zaiya is easy to swing by on my way back to the office.
Cafe Zaiya, 18 East 41st Street btwn 5th and Madison


Andrew in Alabama said...

Bento boxes = sheer joy.

What is in the lower right? Looks like potato salad.

Front Studio said...

Yes! the Japanese make such a great potato salad. It's the kewpie mayonnaise.

Andrew in Alabama said...

That kewpie is wonderful stuff. For years, you could always find a container in my fridge. Never thought about making potato salad with it, though.