Friday, June 26, 2009

Loreley with John

06-26 Lorelei
With distant moans of coitus in the background, we enjoy our lunch in the shaded back patio of Loreley. John so kindly has been bugging us to treat us to a joint birthday lunch (all three of us). It's now proven that Wiener Schnitzel, Currywurst, Weisswurst and good company equate to a lovely summer lunch. It's nice to grow older with your friends.
Loreley, 7 Rivington St, NY, NY 10002 (btwn Bowery & Chrystie)

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J.Lin said...

Finally, a birthday lunch with Yen & Michi,
Sunny back patio, I had the Schnitze.
European mayo for the frites du pomme,
A couple upstairs was gettin' it on.