Thursday, June 25, 2009

mortadella baguette sandwich

06-25 mortadella on baguette
There is nothing so typically French as a jambon-beurre sandwich, found on almost every street corner and in any cafe. We're substituting some mortadella, which isn't really the same thing at all (not even the same nationality!) but with a healthy slab of butter and a fresh baguette, it still makes for a fabulously basic lunch. Especially when eating outdoors on the back terrace.

And speaking of sandwiches, come to the Hay Quá/That's Neaat! event this Saturday at the Bitter End to hear some of us Vietnamese food lovers weigh in on the oh-so-trendy subject of bánh mì. There will be a bánh mì taste testing and food panel headed by the lovely Tâm Ngo around noon.

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Andrew in Alabama said...

Butter on sandwiches again! You guys are killing me!