Thursday, July 23, 2009

4:00pm chinese cakes

07-23 chinese cakes
The cart at Grand and Bowery calls them "hot mini cakes". The one on Canal between Mulberry and Baxter has a sign labeled "chinese cakes". Intensive Google searching says the mini cakes can be found all over Hong Kong. And one lady, Joanna, claims they are traditionally called dangao or mienbao. But truthfully it doesn't matter one whit to us what they are called. $1 buys a bag of hot, heavenly delight is all we ever need to know.
Chinese Cakes street cart, Canal Street, NY, NY (south side btwn Baxter & Mulberry)


Anonymous said...

well, dangao = cake & mienbao = bread..

i call them pancake balls :D

they are AMAZING. and only 1$ so always worth it.. i usually buy two bags lol and you gotta eat them fresh and piping hot!

Front Studio said...

so funny, we always buy 2 bags at a time too. fresh and piping hot is the only way!

Marcia B. said...

yummmy, i will have to try those!

shinhuh! said...

In Shanghai, you can buy a bag of about 20 of them for 4rmb, which is the equivalent of say...65 cents. Good stuff.