Thursday, July 2, 2009

4:00pm lemon cake

07-02 lemon cake
Summer thunderstorms remain as romantic now as they did when I was 18 and dancing in the rain barefoot. This city isn't really built for walking around barefoot, actually, is any city? But I did deliberately walk outside in the middle of the heavy downpour to pick up a tart and sweet lemon cake.
Oro Bakery, 375 Broome St, NY, NY 10013 (btwn Mulberry & Mott)


Cali said...

As someone who has lived both in cities and in the country, cities are actually easier places to go barefoot, at least at the times of day when the pavement isn't hot enough to cook eggs. In the country there is A LOT of gravel, broken glass and various stickers randomly strewn about. In cities it's pretty easy to avoid the occasional rock or piece of glass.

Dream Girl said...

I love this post.

Audrey Tran said...

I agree with Heather precisely because my mom and her sisters always talked about bathing/dancing in the rain when they were little. And because it's a lovely thought to use while recounting your trip out for lemon cake.

Anonymous said...

Romantic notion of dancing in the rain and picking up a lemon cake!
I was in NYC last week and had to stake out in a vegan pizza parlour on UWS waiting for the downpour to subside. It was a nice moment. Reminded me of the sex and the city episode when Carrie is stuck waiting for the rain to stop and she turns to talk to a stranger who snubs her.

The lemon cake looks awesome!

Ravenous Couple said...

lovely lemon cakes! discovered your site via the vnmese blogger glad we did. actually spent a year living there and had no idea you are part of the ny vietnamese school! it was just starting out when we were there so glad it seems to be doing well. we both miss nyc and all the great food!