Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hector's Cafe, with John

07-22 Hector's Cafe
Long overdue, we wandered the High Line with John today for lunch. And wow, what a wonderful walk with an equally satisfying lunch. Sadly there aren't too many places to pick up lunch in the now too hoity toity for words Meatpacking District, but happily Hector's Cafe nestled under the High Line was just the right place. It is a proper old-school diner type greasy spoon and whereas the food could have been just average, instead it was wow pow good. The perfect accompaniment to an urban park that is pretty damn wow pow itself.
Hector's Cafe, 44 West Little 12th St, NY, NY 10014 (at Washington St)

1 comment:

J.Lin said...

Had a great time,
On the High Line.
Did the fine dine,
Surrounded by good design.
Fave Architects?
Front Studio would be mine.