Monday, August 24, 2009

4:00pm chipless wonder cookies

08-24 chipless wonder
It is no secret we love our chocolate chip cookies exaggeratedly light on the chocolate chips, which is why we're such fans of the cookies from Tate's. So imagine my giddy excitement when I got a text from M. yesterday saying the Southampton bakeshop sells a version of their chocolate chip cookies containing NO CHOCOLATE CHIPS. NONE. They call it the "chipless wonder". And we have to agree, it is wonderful indeed.
Tate's Bake Shop, 43 North Sea Rd., Southampton NY 11968

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Anonymous said...

HANDS DOWN BEST COOKIES EVER!!! Whole Foods just recently began stocking them and they run out as soon as they come in!! all the other Tates brands are avail but the CHIPLESS WONDER fly right off the shelf as soon as they arrive. Which made me order them online. I ordered 14 bags of the Tates Chipless Wonders because thats just how much my family and I eat them!! These things are no joke. Love them to death.