Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Civetta, with friends

08-05 Civetta
Civetta is so newly opened their website isn't even up yet. But lunch is being served and that's enough for us. M. is out to meetings today so she wasn't there to help me discern what to eat or not but luckily I had a trio of French friends to help out instead. We picked a random selection and proceeded to critically try them one by one. Everything was pretty decent and in loose order of preferred dishes to non: (1) Shaved Baby Octopus, (2) Saffron Arancini, (3) Pasta, San Marzano (4) Potato Fritto, Sardines, (5) Chicken Liver Crostini. There is enough promise, and that pasta dish really was quite fresh, that we'll have to go back and try another round of tastes.
Civetta, 98 Kenmare St., NY, NY 10012 (west of Mulberry)

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