Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4:00pm vanilla cupcake

09-22 vanilla cupcake
I know, I know, two days in a row of street food and vanilla cupcakes makes for rather boring blog posts, unless of course I was able to maintain that particular combination for one full year in which case I could go for the annualism affect, write a book and make a movie.
Oro Bakery, 375 Broome St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Mulberry & Mott)


Doreva said...

The Lunch Studio and KathyYLChan of A Passion for Food and Serious Eats NY should get together and write a book. Food + Design.

Meg Trainer said...

i love the specs on real vanilla bean in their cupcakes! thanks for the tips ~ on a recent trip to NYC, i scouted out Oro and had a lovely treat with the most amazing iced americano at about 4pm! Loved propping my feet up and watching the nieghborhood go by after a long day of running around!