Wednesday, September 16, 2009

La Crepe Parisienne

09-15 La Crepe Parisienne
We're totally down with a "Parisienne" crêperie started by three brothers from Mexico but if crêpes are going to be the mainstay, the staff should be getting some lessons in crêpe making technique. It's all in the wrist folks! None of this shuffle shuffle action. Technique aside, we both found the classic ham, guyère and egg decent enough. A bit heavy on the guyère, as if the proportions were made for an American audience, not a French one. It's also unclear whether they're using two separate batters for savory vs sweet and it's a little disconcerting to be eating a savory crêpe in a triangular format vs the more typical square one. Final verdict: not genuine Parisian but not so terrible we wouldn't try again.
La Crêpe Parisienne, 51 Spring St., nr. Lafayette; 646-484-6897

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Sylvia said...

These look pretty decent. I prefer more traditional.. but I guess they market them in a more fun way to get more customers. Whatever works, really.
Seiko Ananta