Friday, October 23, 2009

4:00pm oatmeal cookie

10-23 oatmeal cookie
This morning we arrived at the office to find a package addressed to us the lunching ladies. Lo! What joy from the sunny Golden State should come our way? Carrie, a fan (!), sent a most happily received box of goodies including samples from her new textiles line in colors we can't wait to wear and a bag of oatmeal cookies with blueberries and butterscotch chips. Sigh, if only every morning we arrived to the office to such unexpected moments of happiness. Carrie, you made our day.
Isabelle Cookies, Hermosa Beach CA

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Carrie @ SKARF said...

You are so very welcome for the sweet surprise. Why not spread a little unexpected cheer whenever possible?! I have been keeping up with the LUNCH blog for a year+ and am so proud of your determination to keep up the wonderful posts - SUCH INSPIRATION! In return, I wanted to send a small treat or two :: SKARF ;) how you like :: as well as a little local (TO CALIFORNIA) treat! LEARN, INSPIRE, SHARE (something we can all do!!) - THANK YOU, LUNCH @ FRONTSTUDIO!!