Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jup She, with John

10-15 Jup She
Not exactly a fun day to be walking around at lunchtime but nevertheless John gamely came down to meet us. In the interest of the rain, the chill and the gray skies we were looking for something uplifting and delicious. Kimchi to the rescue! Kimchi never fails to bring a contented Cheshire grin to our faces. And with a hearty stomach aka John to share in the meal, we could order the seafood pajeon without fear of overstuffing.
Jup She, 171 Grand St, NY, NY 10013 (at Baxter)


Georgia said...

Hmm...I heart seafood pajeon!

J.Lin said...

I wake up and the clock sez 11:42,
It's almost lunchtime and it's Front S to the rescue,
Michi & I drank too much the night before,
So we needed some hearty fare to tie us o'er.
Seafood pajeon & some bibimbop,
Gave my step back it's hop.