Friday, October 30, 2009

Le Gamin Mobi/Truck

10-30 LeGaminTruck
Way back when we first moved to NYC, Le Gamin was a cute Soho establishment where the food was pretty affordable and you could get a non-American cup of hot chocolate. Times have changed, and while Le Gamin seems to have survived, their original locations are no more. So it was nice surprise to spot a Le Gamin Truck in Soho on our way to the office the other morning. Apparently this is a new location for them, and they are seeing how it goes. We opted for the Lamb Dog Special with fries and a soda. It was tasty enough, but $8.50 is a bit on the steep side for the amount of food you get.
Le Gamin Mobi/Truck, on the corner of Greene and Prince Streets

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