Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Momofuku: Milk Bar then Ssam Bar

10-06 Momofuku SSam Bar
It goes against popular opinion, but Momofuku's gotta do a little more than adroitly throw together lesser known Asian ingredients to merit the high price tag of lunch today. The smallish BBQ rib sandwich was good, but $13.07 worth? I'm not sure. And the 2 pork buns per order are oh so lovely with their delicate balance of pork belly, cucumber and hoisin sauce, but $9.80 lovely? Hmm, debatable.
Momofuku Milk Bar/ Ssam Bar, 207 2nd Ave, NY, NY 10003 (at 13th St)

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FN said...

That place is overrated and overpriced.... I agree with you.