Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lovely Day w/ Liem

11-05 Lovely Day
We had practically given up on Lovely Day opening back up again after their fire incident last year. Several days ago, we finally came across news of its reopening on the blogsphere. Funny, there really must have not been that much damage (as Eater suggests) because everything was in place just as it was before. The patrons, the slow service, the menu - everything. Apparently they do have a new ceiling. The light fixtures seemed to have some brighter light bulbs. Curious. Regardless, we're glad to be able to have the Japanese fried chicken lunch special again.
Lovely Day, 196 Elizabeth St., New York, NY 10012 btwn Prince & Spring


Unknown said...

Delicious! It's so tasty

Kelly said...

Looks tasty! What type of sauce is that?

Front Studio said...

Spicy mayo. Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise mixed with something spicy. Anything with Kewpie is like crack!