Monday, November 9, 2009

Motorino, with EG and BB

11-09 Motorino
There have been two things on our list of desires lately, one is to have lunch at the newly opened East Village branch of Motorino and two is to have lunch with the estimable minds behind Bldg Blog and Edible Geography. Today we succeeded in both with the additional benefit of a long walk back in warm springtime weather. Even though it's November. I guess the cost of not having to take a subway to East Williamsburg is borne out in the additional $2 for the pizza and salad (or ice cream) lunch special. The new location is pretty good but not quite as rave-worthy as the memory of our Brooklyn lunches.
Motorino, 349 East 12th St, NY, NY 10003 (near 1st Ave)

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Geoff Manaugh said...

It was great to have lunch with you guys! A New York goal fulfilled. Let's do it again sometime.

Good pizza, too.