Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remote Post: J.S. Burgers Cafe

09-17 Hot Dog
Today, I stupidly forgot my camera in my other coat pocket (along with a Metro Card), so I'm posting a photo from my trip to Tokyo a couple months back. That day, my friend Yuko was craving a burger, though I suspect the real reason was wanting to pop into the swanky boutique downstairs, so I obliged. She got the avocado burger, which looked quite nice and I tried out the Hot Dog Set. The sausage was snappy and crisp, and the fries were quite good in the curly fries kind of way. Not bad for a chain restaurant! Ugh, now I miss my family and friends there!
J.S. Burgers Cafe, 4-1-7 Shinjuku 3F, Tokyo, Japan

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