Monday, December 7, 2009

Fatty Crab, with Brian

12-07 Fatty Crab
A late lunch but thoroughly enjoyable as we hit our third Quarantine Studio lunch, another fellow architect, Brian. Since Fatty Crab encourages family dining, we agreeably split an array of dishes arriving to a common consensus on the watermelon and pork belly dish (best!) with the green mango salad second. A minor nit-picky note about the Char Kway Teow, which is intentionally incredibly salty and intensely spicy. But if it's so salty that not even the chef telling us this could eat a plate by himself, then maybe it should either be served with a rice chaser or the server should highly recommend a rice accompaniment to cut the salt. Still, all in all, a tasty lunch with very good company. Worth repeating.
Fatty Crab, 643 Hudson St., NY, NY 10014 (above Horatio)

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