Tuesday, January 19, 2010

La Feria, with Art

01-19 La Feria
I'm in Pittsburgh today, having lunch in Shadyside at La Feria, a Peruvian restaurant that I remember fondly from when we used to live here. It still is as charming as ever, and still offering lunch specials consisting of some meat or vegetable entree accompanied by a full plate of rice, salad and two pieces of bread. It's true I've only had the Pio Pio salad and this one but I gotta say those Peruvian salads are just awesome, pretty simple and fresh.
La Feria, 5527 Walnut St, Pittsburgh, PA


Jeannie Choi said...

as a fellow CMU alumn, I am uber jealous! Le Feria is so tasty. But there are so many other culinary delights that I miss ... pamela's, primanti brothers, dancing goats. *sigh*

Front Studio said...

pgh is full of hidden gems! but i don't know dancing goats, going on my list for next visit.