Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rye House, with o

01-26 Rye House
Rye House is another addition to the new "new american" roster of restaurants, featuring gastronomically intense reinterpretations of classic dishes. I didn't mind the onion tart but I prefer classic gloppy and sloppy mac n cheese to tidy fried balls. Still Rye House has that nice warm atmosphere and an interesting beer selection, enough reason to spend a long lunch catching up with an old friend. And since we shared several plates, next time I might check in advance that the old friend likes french fries on his sandwiches. Or next time I might just go back for the Pittsburgh alone.
Rye House, 11 West 17th St, NY, NY 10011 (west of Fifth Ave)

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Ray said...

The Pittsburgh is pretty good, not as good as the real thing. It was a little too New York, but I would order it again.