Friday, February 5, 2010

4:00pm pb&j cupcake

02-05 cupcake
We've been Village Tart whores of late, and we gotta admit, we haven't been disappointed yet. Today's cupcake was an unusual twist on what one might expect from a pb&j cupcake. Wasn't quite sure if it was the chocolate, or the strawberry puree. Whatever it was, it made you ponder on what you were eating for a minute. And though it wasn't something I would call delicious, sometimes a little flavor curiosity sparks a fine and tasty culinary intrigue.
Village Tart, 86 Kenmare St, NY, NY 10012 (at Mulberry)

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FN said...

"Village Tart whores" just may be an oxymoron. You're simply village tarts, perhaps.