Monday, April 12, 2010

Cong Ly

04-11 Cong Ly
We always have the same thing at Cong Ly, a bowl of the hu tieu my tho (dai) and a glass of chanh muoi (salty lemonade). That almost never changes although today we saw an intriguing couple of dishes come out of the kitchen, not tempting enough to try but interesting nevertheless. The guy next to us got a bowl of bitter melon stuffed with ground pork served in broth water and the guy across from us ordered pork chops that came with a bowl of soup and a plate of rice. Never saw either of those before.
Công Lý, 124 Hester St, NY, NY 10002 (btwn Broome & Chrystie)


!Tb0n3! said...

That's yummy!

thesilverspork said...

love this place...I feel like its one of those underrated places in chinatown