Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Sandwich

04-08 Project Sandwich
I don't think Project Sandwich has been open for much longer than a couple weeks but already the line is out the door. Granted the space is tiny and they have some significant issues to work out with their process (ehem extremely long wait times, no napkins with the orders, poor guy assembling orders on top of a microwave oven), but! the sandwiches are real good, at least the two we tried. The French could have been a bit more tart but the Brazilian was spot on delicious. Next time we're going for the popular Korean and hopefully the small German/Russian. And although the place needs fine tuning to handle the lunch rush, the service could not have been friendlier.
Project Sandwich, 105 Thompson St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Spring and Prince)


Allie said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, this place was AWFUL and I had the sandwich in the picture...bread was old and stale, meat disgustingly fat laden and chewy, and the other stuff, just cold and gooey next to the warm bad meat. DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.- no lines anymore, not that I wonder why!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the person above me is talking about. I was in there yesterday and had the same sandwich - Brazilian - and it was great. I went there out of a friend's recommendation and I could have not been more impressed. Yes, the place is small but the food makes up for it. Next time I'm trying the Korean.