Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheeky Sandwiches, with Karen

06-03 Cheeky Sandwiches
Aside from the humid heat, we had the loveliest ladies lunch with Karen from Harvest today. It's a bit of a hike over to Orchard and Hester but well worth what we discovered at Cheeky Sandwiches, thanks to friend Lauren's recommendation. Not only were the sandwiches fairly divine, but they were served by a madly handsome, tall gentleman with dark rimmed glasses, carefully handling the sandwiches with rather lethal black latex gloves. The chicken, beef and grass were all good but the word on the street says po' boy and beignets. We are definitely going back.
Cheeky Sandwiches, 35 Orchard St, NY, NY 10003 (below Hester)

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