Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pera, with Matt

06-23 Pera
It's always a treat to be treated to lunch but even more so when the food is good and the company charming. We don't know much about Turkish food to qualify as any sort of expert but the array of small plates we had today at Pera were pretty enjoyable. I was particularly in love with the Mediterranean Peasant Salad, could have eaten that by the bowlful. And don't let this poor photo of the Spinach and Pine Nut Pidette fool you, it too was good. A perfect lunch for a hot summer day, some small light dishes and one heartier plate of the signature lamb adana. Can't beat that.
Pera Mediterranean Brasserie, 303 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10017 (btwn 42nd and 41st)

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