Tuesday, July 6, 2010


07-06 Salume
As if architecture and food blogging weren't enough, we're doing a little lunch consultation on the side. After last week's post, the charming owner of Salume invited us over today for lunch and a lengthy discussion on the perception of value as related to "size impression". There is no question in anyone's mind that the panini crafted at Salume are of the best quality and most well balanced proportions. Most of the critiques lie in the perceived value of cost to size and for someone as detailed oriented as Michele, it's a matter of tweaking his initial concepts in consideration of the practical reality. Perhaps more admirably is that he intends to do it without sacrificing an iota of the integrity lovingly apparent in every panino we've had there. We're looking forward to the results.
Salume, 330 West Broadway, NY, NY 10013 (south of Grand St)

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