Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bun & Co, with Thu

08-26 Bun & Co. Sandwich Bar & Grill
The name change to Bun & Co doesn't do much for us, an odd departure from the far more elegant Kampuchea. But the trendy bare bones name more aptly reflects the newly opened, super casual feel, with handwritten chalkboard menu, ordering counter and self bussed tables. We tried the veal meatball, sloppy joe and pulled pork sandwiches along with a side of curly fries and cole slaw. Overall everything was pretty nice although in our humble opinion the meats could have been a smidgeon more salty and a trifle less sweet, ditto for the cole slaw. Or maybe more spicy and tart and less sweet? Still, it was an enjoyable lunch and one we'd probably have again.
Bun & Co, 78 Rivington St, NY, NY 10002 (at Allen)

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